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Addams discusses how social movements can help alleviate vice, providing examples such as crusades against diseases and organized opposition to the white slave trade. This is the final article in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published as A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil later in the year.
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Page proofs of "Chapter V: Social Control," the final article in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published as A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil later in the year.

Sweet asks Addams to contribute some articles to her publishing company.

James writes Addams about some political intrigue with the woman suffrage movement.

James writes Addams about some suffrage campaign intrigue and asks if she can delivers more speeches.
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James writes Addams about activities of the suffrage movement in Wisconsin.

James writes Addams about the campaign of the Wisconsin Suffrage Association and ask her to come back to Wisconsin to speak.

James sends Addams a descriptive and financial report of the campaign activities of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Addams argues that woman suffrage might impact the plight of fallen women who are preyed upon by men.

Addams gives a memorial address for Shaw, highlighting Shaw's involvement in the woman's suffrage movement and religious education.

Addams spoke briefly alongside Chester Rowell to argue that women should use their votes to get the changes they want.

Addams gave an address to the Lake View Women's Club about her views on woman suffrage at the municipal level of government.

Spencer invites Addams to speak at the National American Woman Suffrage Association conference and updates her on suffrage movement's activities.

Shaw reports that the National Association is unable take up the matter or peace, but is sending all communications to Addams as head of the peace movement in the United States.

Martin asks Karsten to thank Addams for her political endorsement and hopes she will help campaign in Nevada.

Martin invites Addams to speak on woman suffrage in Elko and Reno, NV.

The author offers his thoughts on woman suffrage and the custom of men tipping their hats to women.
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Brisbane informs Addams that he has written an editorial in the Chicago American proposing Addams becoming mayor of Chciago. He seeks a meeting to discuss her points on woman suffrage.

Addams offers rationales for woman suffrage at Carnegie Hall.

Dodge writes Addams about religious life and politics and encloses a poem by her favorite author.

Hutchinson disagrees with the Progressive Party but supports Addams' role in the party.

Addams tells a story to illustrate the danger of looking at the struggle for women's rights through rose-colored glasses.

Landsberg, writing for Addams, sends Breckinridge two letters regarding a misunderstanding at a recent meeting of the board of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.