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  • Date is exactly "1916-02-18"

Jordan expresses his frustration over the fact that he finds the people chosen for a mediation group at the Berne Conference to be unqualified and difficult to work with.

Karsten writes back to Smith, letting her know that she received the copy of Addams' report.

Addams updates MacMillan on her own health, and asks if she would be able to notify her if the International Committee meeting could be postponed until May on account of her illness.

Addams thanks Karsten for her work and discusses a book by David Starr Jordan.

Addams thanks Wales for her letters, and asks that she attempt to collect programs from representatives of other nations during the committee meeting.

Addams expresses her regret that she will not be able to make it to Stockholm immediately, but informs Lochner of her tentative plans to arrive in April or May.

Addams expresses frustration to Schwimmer regarding her illness, as it proves to be a major inconvenience in planning the international committee meeting, and has hindered her from traveling to Europe with Ford's peace ship.