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  • Date is exactly "1916-02-15"

Karsten informs Denison that she will send several documents in addition to those that had previously been sent regarding the First Annual Meeting of the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten informs Heskett that Addams is out of the office, and thanks him for the leaflets that he had sent to her.

Karsten informs Gulliver that Addams is absent, and advises Gulliver to write to Nolan if she wishes to get in touch with the President of the Woman's Organization for Defense.

Karsten informs Meyer that she received his letter addressed to Addams, and expresses her hope that she will be forwarded copies of the hearing Meyer is attending before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Karsten informs Park that the Woman's Peace Party does not have the funds to carry out his plans.

Smith updates Haldeman on the current state of Addams' health and their plans once she recovers.