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  • Date is exactly "1915-12-23"

Addams thanks Levinson for his recent donation to Hull-House.

Addams telegrams Post that she approves of Helen Keller as a speaker for the Woman's Peace Party meeting.

Thomas writes for Addams, hoping that Burritt will attend the annual Women's Peace Party meeting in january.

Thomas updates Doty on Addams' health and reports that she plans to attend the annual Women's Peace Party meeting in Washington.

Thomas writes for Addams to update Whyte on Addams' health and plans to go to Europe.

Doty asks Addams about the plans of the Women's Peace Party, noting she believes they need to take a more active role.

Jacobs tells Addams that they plan to wait until she is recovered in health before they hold the next International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace and asks her about her views on the Ford Peace Ship expedition.