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  • Date is exactly "1915-08-17"

Thomas details an upcoming peace speaking tour so that Hyers, will be able to contact her.

Smith asks Balch to postpone her visit due to the severity of Addams' bronchitis.

Lewis asks Addams to visit the Cincinnati branch of the Woman's Peace Party in the fall.

Balch discusses meetings with President Wilson and Colonel House and seeks to arrange a meeting with Aletta Jacobs.

Balch discusses her actions after meeting with President Wilson and hopes that she made the right decisions.

Smith's note, written at the end of a letter by Addams, reveals that Addams is too ill to travel to New York, despite her hope to do so.

Addams tells Balch that she cannot travel to New York due to her bronchitis and hopes that Aletta Jacobs might be able to come to her.