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  • Date is exactly "1915-03-04"

Addams' secretary sends one hundred peace pins to Washington's woman's club.

At Addams' request, her secretary sends Morley information about creating a local chapter of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams' asked her secretary to let Marsh know that she would pass his suggestions to the Woman's Peace Party Committee on Art.

Addams' secretary writes to tell Hutchins that her suggestion about including films during a banquet for the Emergency Peace Federation was already a part of the program.

Addams defends her stance on suffrage in the Woman's Peace Party and a recent decision made by the Executive Council on allowing women to join without believing in suffrage.

Addams asks her secretary to ask Breckinridge about the timing of the next Woman's Peace Party Executive Council and encloses minutes (not found) from the last meeting.

Addams and Aylward request an appointment with Wilson to discuss an emergency peace conference.

Addams discusses the efforts of the Woman's Peace Party and her travels.