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  • Date is exactly "1915"

Webster sends Addams a pamphlet on The World's Peace Film Co. which details the company's officers and its plan to create films to promote world peace. It also describes how people can invest in the company to make a profit.
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Addams, and members of Hull-House, celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding with the publishing of a book of songs.
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A selection from Addams' book Democracy and Social Ethics, "Filial Relations" addresses ideas of women being able to live full lives and have thoughts outside of family life.

A pamphlet containing quotes on war and peace from a wide variety of people.

The advertisement is for Hallowes' book called Mothers of Men and Militarism.

This is a list of the people who have received the letter written by Moriaud.

Palmer's poem questions how the world, that can create such beauty, can also breed such hate and violence. Addams comments appear at the bottom.

The Countess of Selborne sends Addams a poem written by her son.

Armstrong discusses the updates with women's clubs in Pennsylvania and thanks Addams for speaking at a recent luncheon.