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Fawcett congratulates Roosevelt on his support for woman suffrage.

The article describes Theodore Roosevelt's fall from political grace.

Winslow warns Addams about the dangers of supporting Theodore Roosevelt.

To celebrate his 50th birthday, Rosenwald donates $50,000 to establish a country club for social workers of Chicago.

To celebrate his 50th birthday, Rosenwald makes a donation to Hull-House and acknowledges Addams' decision to support the Progressive Party as correct.

Nanney explains to Addams his distrust of leaders who lack virtues like temperance.

Minor congratulates Addams for her speech at the Progressive Party Convention and suggests that Addams should now belong in a higher position within the party.

Coffin writes Addams about his confusion that she, as an advocate for peace, would endorse a presidential candidate who extols the virtues of the military and of war.

Blatch writes Addams of her plans to arrange a speaking engagement for Theodore Roosevelt and hopes Addams will lend her help to the Women's Political Union, as well.
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