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Schwimmer tells Addams that she is on a peace mission from Europe with President Wilson and Bryan.

Schwimmer updates Addams with her plans for the peace meeting in Washington.

Schwimmer updates Addams on her schedule in Chicago and asks if she can help prepare the planned peace meeting in Washington.

Schwimmer will be in New York City reporting on the peace movement and has been in contact with many of the leaders in the movement.

Schwimmer writes Addams eager to help in any way she can and encloses a Peace Party leaflet for the European presidents.

Schwimmer writes Addams so the two can coordinate a meeting.

Schwimmer sends a telegram to Addams requesting stationary for international correspondence as well as giving the dates and locations that she will be speaking.

Schwimmer wishes to discuss multiple aspects of the Woman's Peace Party with Addams, including possible lecturers and platform issues.

Schwimmer asks for Addams' opinion about perceived miffs from the Washington Branch of the Woman's Peace Party, and discusses her lectures.

Schwimmer is insulted that White did not defend her when the Washington branch of the Woman's Peace Party discussed rumors that she was being made a paid officer of the Woman's Peace Party.

Leckie sends Addams a list of Rosika Schwimmer's speaking appearances.

Schwimmer tells Addams to wait until she hears from Mary Hay before responding to a letter from Pittsburgh.

Schwimmer resigns as International Secretary of the Women's Peace Party and discuss the way that Americans view the role of peace delegations.

Schwimmer informs Addams that she is resigning from the Peace Party. She has also sent Addams articles about Russia.

Schwimmer drafts a telegram to Addams.

The Committee discusses representation from belligerent countries, decides on holding offices in Amsterdam, fundraising, and the creation of an executive committee.

The International Congress of Women asks Denmark to join in a conference of neutral nations to help bring an end to World War I.

Delegates of the International Congress of Women ask the prime minister of Denmark to join a conference of neutral nations.

Schwimmer encloses contact information for an American woman interested in peace and asks the Woman's Peace Party to join the new international organization being formed.

A report of the work of the International Congress of Women and their plans to move forward by planning a conference of neutral nations to start negotiations to end World War I.

Schwimmer is concerned that she hasn't heard from Addams and gives her an account of their activities in Scandinavia and Germany.

Schwimmer encloses the minutes of of the board of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Schwimmer and Macmillan propose dates to visit Addams, depending on her availability.

Schwimmer hopes that Addams is feeling better and will be leaving New York after Friday to visit.