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Schwimmer outlines a list of preparations for the upcoming W.I.L. Washington Conference.

Schwimmer stresses the importance of publicity for the W.I.L. Washington Conference and urges Addams to begin promoting it.

Schwimmer asks Addams for Emily Balch's address and tell of her concerns about Gertrud Woker.
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Schwimmer thanks Addams for sending her sister a gift while she was hospitalized.

Schwimmer asks Addams for a letter of recommendation to help her secure a lecture tour.

Schwimmer thanks Addams for putting her on the programs of the Summer School and International Congress of Women and debunks a rumor going around Chicago that she stole Addams's coat.

Schwimmer blasts Addams and the United States Section of WILPF for their lack of publicity and organizing work for the International Congress of Women and criticizes the impact that social workers have made on the peace cause.

Schwimmer gives Addams photographs of Gertrud Woker and Lida Heymann and provides information on other delegates to the International Congress of Women.

Schwimmer sends Addams lists and biographies of some of the International Congress of Women delegates and suggests they clarify the way that names are attached to countries.

Schwimmer welcomes Addams home and asks if she can help secure a place at Hull House for a friend.

Schwimmer asks Addams about why the peace movement seems to be boycotting her.

Schwimmer updates Addams about attacks on her by the Jewish media and seeks help taking Norman Hapgood to task.
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Schwimmer tells Addams that plans to review Peace and Bread in Time of War when she receives it.

Schwimmer asks Addams if she plans to support Noemi Stricker's request.

Schwimmer asks Addams to meet her outside of Hull-House because she finds the people there disagreeable.

Schwimmer tells Balch about her work with political refugees and children in Austria.

Schwimmer asks Addams to use her influence with Henry Ford to get him to speak to her.

Schwimmer updates Addams on her travel plans back to Europe.

Schwimmer reports to Ford on the activities of the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and the creation of the International Committee for Immediate Mediation to achieve the goal of hastening the end of World War I. She also complains about the barriers Ford has set against meeting with her.

Schwimmer sends an open letter to Henry Ford to the Detroit newspapers to pressure him to meet her.

Schwimmer inisists that she needs to meet with Ford to give him a report on peace activities in Europe. She is frustrated by his efforts to avoid her.

Schwimmer tells Ford that she has come to America to give him important news.

Schwimmer discusses her visit with Henry Ford and gives Addams her views on the peace movement.

Schwimmer telegrams Addams regarding her arrival in Bar Harbor and asks to meet Jacob Schiff.

Schwimmer asks Addams to come to Europe to recover from illness, complaining that Aletta Jacob is destroying the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Schwimmer introduces Addams to Ellis Jones, who she claims can give Addams the real story of the Ford Peace expedition.

The Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation outlines the procedures of the conference, including the selection of delegates and the involvement of the Ford Expedition.

Schwimmer tells Addams that the Ford Peace Ship Expedition is a success and entreats Addams to come to Europe for the Neutral Conference.

Schwimmer expresses her joy that European ambassadors in Washington, D.C. have enthusiastically offered their help in the Henry Ford peace plan.

Schwimmer informs Kirchwey of his election as an alternate for the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation.
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