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Mead updates Addams about her activities for peace and her husband's political views.

Mead tells Addams about the feelings of the United States Section of WILPF and hopes for guidance on next steps.

Mead asks Addams's opinion of asking Gertrud Baer to lecture for the World Peace Foundation, despite the fact that she is a Jew and a socialist.

Meads tells Addams that she will come to Washington to help with the Washington Naval Conference.

Ames sends Landsberg an article about the Zurich conference for publication in Die Friedensbewegung (The Peace Movement).

Balch and Mead complain to the Washington Post about errors in its reports of the WILPF mass meeting.

Mead informs Williams that a convention to organize the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party will take place in late January.

Mead tells Addams about her activities relating to the Washington Conference and WILPF meetings.

Mead tells Addams about the aftermath of the WILPF mass meeting and the inaccurate coverage in the press.

Mead tells Addams about her activities regarding the upcoming Washington Naval Conference.

Mead writes Addams regarding various upcoming WILPF plans as well as her own initiatives.

Mead requests that the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting be held after October 8th.

Mead sends Addams a copy of a report to be edited. She also discusses her thoughts on the League of Nations.

Mead writes to Addams to discuss the future of the Woman's Peace Party and her efforts to support the League of Nations.

Mead updates Karsten on her plans for summer and a Woman's Peace Party director's meeting.

Mead writes Addams about the hoped-for resolution of the disagreement of the New York branch of the Woman's Peace Party and about resignations from the Minimum Program Committee in protest of Louis Lochner's presence.

Mead asks Addams for feedback on her plan (not found) and the problems between the New York Woman's Peace Party branches.

Mead sends Addams a Crystal Eastman's letter regarding the New York situation for discussion at the Woman's Peace Party board meeting.

Mead argues that a new Constitutional amendment is required to prevent secret meetings and sabotage in the upper echelons of society.

Mead tells Addams that she votes against holding a Woman's Peace Party meeting in June and suggests the closing of the office for the summer.

Mead complains about a New York Times article that she believes misrepresents the Woman's Peace Party.

Mead sends Addams a letter from Mary Percy and offers advice on how to handle the New York Woman's Peace Party branch's dispute.

Mead requests Addams advice on a new resolution and organization of several peace groups. Mead also shares her opinion about representatives in Congress.

Mead arranges plans to meet with Addams and offers holiday greetings in a world embroiled in war.

Mead relates the similarities between President Wilson's Address and the Minimum Program promoted by internationalists.

Mead informs Addams of the commentary she wishes to publish concerning President Wilson's recent statements, and about some issues within the party.

Mead informs Hull of Angell's inability to now present at the annual meeting unless he is able to speak at Swarthmore. Mead suggests possible solutions and requests Addams' help.

Mead explains the need for strong language and government support in a prepared statement for the Annual meetings of the Woman's Peace Party.
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