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Macmillan writes Addams regarding the League of Nations and compulsory testing and treatment for venereal disease.

Macmillan resigns from the WILPF Board due to a lack of time.

Balch updates the Committee on the status of the WILPF newsletter, financial matters, and the League's goals, seeking opinions. Balch quotes from several incoming letters on these issues.

Macmillan tells Addams that she would prefer to meet at the Hague in May for the peace conference.

Macmillan sends Addams word of Aletta Jacobs' arrival in New York and suggests that Addams travel with her to meet President Wilson.

Macmillan offers Greene some alternative ideas in light of the cancellation for plans to meet in Copenhagen.

Macmillan reports on the difficulties of peace organizing due to the war.

Macmillan updates Addams about the financial situation of the International Committee.

Macmillan explains infighting among the British Committee of the International Congress of Women for a Permanent Peace and her impressions of the Dutch committee.

Macmillan tells Addams that the French government is raiding the offices and homes of peace activists and updates her on the English Government's stance on peace negotiations.

Jacobs, Macmillan, and Manus write to Addams to congratulate her on Ford's gift as well as to request her presence at a meeting in Amsterdam, stating that they may postpone it if necessary.

Macmillan tells Scandinavian members that Ford has offered a $200,000 donation to the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, and discusses reactions from the International office.

Macmillan updates Addams on the work of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

The International Congress of Women reports on their meetings with the political leaders of Europe, arguing that both neutral and belligerent governments are open to participating in a neutral conference aimed at ending the war.

Macmillan asks Addams to send her the minutes of the International Committee of Women for a Permanent Peace meeting because she might not be able to enter the country with them.

Macmillan and Schwimmer are not sure how the committee can meet unless Addams travels to Chicago, especially since Jacobs must leave the country soon.

Balch and Macmillan ask Addams to delay her return to the United States so that they can meet and discuss next steps.

Schwimmer and Macmillan propose dates to visit Addams, depending on her availability.

A report of the work of the International Congress of Women and their plans to move forward by planning a conference of neutral nations to start negotiations to end World War I.

Delegates of the International Congress of Women ask the prime minister of Denmark to join a conference of neutral nations.

The International Congress of Women asks Denmark to join in a conference of neutral nations to help bring an end to World War I.
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