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Lindsey writes a letter of introduction for Frank Hunt Hurd Roberts, asking Addams to assist him.

Lindsey sends Addams a copy of a letter he wrote to the president of the National Congress of Mothers and sends news about an upcoming meeting of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections in St. Louis.

Lindsey writes Addams about some trouble he is having with utility corporations in Denver.

Lindsey asks Addams for her views on international juvenile courts from her travels.

Lindsey writes Addams to introduce her to Denver men who are traveling east and expresses his appreciation for any courtesies that Addams will show them during their visit.

Lindsey writes Addams regarding members of the Denver Charity Commission who are traveling in Chicago and asks her to meet them. Lindsey also reports on his successful election.

Lindsey acknowledges receipt of a letter, encloses another, and apologizes to Addams for missing her speech.

Lindsey informs Addams that she has been appointed to a committee to establish International Juvenile Court Societies.

Lindsey sends Addams his regrets that he is unable to attend the meeting in Chicago.

Lindsey sends Addams his regrets that he will be unable to attend the meeting in Chicago.

Lindsey tells Addams about a woman who would like to stay at Hull-House. He would also like to visit Addams soon.

Lindsey expresses his relief that none of the false accusations made against him came from his close circle of friends. He also tells Addams that he wants her to be in a "Committee" and that he is sending out letters to prospective members.

Lindsey writes Addams that Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Party platform will stand for woman suffrage.

Lindsey writes Addams about corruption within the political parties in Denver.

Lindsey asks Addams if either she or Lathrop will be able to entertain Miss Laurene Porter while she is in Chicago.

Lindsey asks Addams for a copy of a report, and talks about other School Board topics.

Lindsey encloses a letter for Judge Mack. He also wants to get the Committee on Federation of Children's Betterment League appointed.

Lindsey writes to Addams expressing frustration at a sensationalized news story.

Lindsey thanks Addams for her help with the Ludlow Massacre and tells of the threats he as received and his anxiety over rising violence in the United States.

Lindsey writes Addams to introduce her to Dr. P. V. Carlin.

Lindsey informs Addams that he will be unable to the National Conference on Charities and Correction in St. Louis later in the month.

Lindsey congratulates Addams on the Child Welfare Exhibit and sends his hopes that he will be able to talk to her soon about his stance on the child actor law.

Lindsey hopes Addams can meet Miss Laurane Porter, who is very interested in the children's groups they are a part of, including the Juvenile Courts.

Lindsey introduces Addams to Dr. Knapp and his wife, who will be visiting Hull-House and wish to meet her.

Lindsey sends Addams a list of suggestions for a board of directors.