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Kent sends Addams letters he received that thank her for writing Women at the Hague.

Kent announces that he won his Congressional election, and feels optimistic about making some Progressive changes.

Kent suggests to Addams that Woodrow Wilson supporters could combine forces with the Progressive Party to work on America's great humanitarian issues.

Kent asks Addams to campaign for suffrage in states like California, where women already have the vote and to assist him with his reelection.

Kent writes Lawson about his endorsement of Robert LaFollette for President as a means to build a progressive coalition.

Kent asks Addams to approach Anita Blaine about making a donation to the presidential campaign of Robert LaFollette.

Kent introduces Frances Goodrich, who wishes to be a resident at Hull House.

Kent writes Addams about a donation to the Small Parks Commission and to Hull-House and praises her article in the American Magazine.

Kent writes Addams to praise her book, Democracy and Social Ethics.
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