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Jordan praises Addams for her Christmas address and tells her that he has placed it in the Hoover Library's archives.

Jordan tells Addams that he is coming to Chicago and would like to make a public address.

Jordan asks Addams to send a copy of Peace and Bread in Time of War to Theodore Ruyssen for review.

Jordan applauds Addams' book Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Jordan tells Addams about pacifist Alfred Fried's poor health and efforts to assist him.

Jordan hopes to meet Addams on his upcoming trip to Chicago.

Jordan tells Addams that he thinks Hoover will become the next president and has confidence in his skills.

Jordan hopes to see Addams in Chcago and discusses possible speaking engagements.

Jordan asks Addams for copies of her interviews with European leaders.

Jordan discusses Heinrich Lammasch with Addams and notes that his wife is too ill to continue work for the Women's Peace Party.

Jordan tells Addams that the Ford peace work is failing and that a new more private effort might be needed.

Jordan thanks Addams for her visit and comments on an article by Henry Brailsford.

Jordan invites Addams to stay with him when she speaks at Stanford University.

Jordan invites Addams to visit him when she is in California.

Jordan tells Addams he is not going to the People's Council meeting in Minneapolis because he does not agree with their tactics.

Jordan hopes to travel to Europe, but since Henry Ford withdrew his support of the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation there is not much for him to do there.

Jordan praises Addams' argument against war in her latest book.

Jordan expresses his frustration over the fact that he finds the people chosen for a mediation group at the Berne Conference to be unqualified and difficult to work with.

Jordan asks Addams' opinion on the premise that in order to make the peace lasting, no territorial transfers should take place that are contrary to the people's wishes.

Jordan advises Addams not to participate in the mediation efforts begun by the Ford Peace Ship expedition, instead suggesting that she form a new group that avoids publicity.

Jordan sends his impressions of two candidates for a peace job to Addams.

Jordan has little hope for the meetings that United States officials are having in Europe.

Jordan explains to Ford why he could not participate in the Ford Peace Ship expedition and advises him on a better way to work for peace.

Jordan updates Addams on his views on the Ford Peace Ship expedition and effort to negotiate an end to World War I.

Jordan discusses his upcoming meeting with Woodrow Wilson and a meeting with Edward House.

Jordan asks Addams to sign and promote a petition to President Wilson to encourage him to work to ending World War I.

Addams is one of the signers of a leaflet, arguing against the enlargement of the U.S. Navy. Shortened versions of this leaflet were also published in newspapers.

Newspaper report of a leaflet Addams and others produced in opposition to the enlargement of the U.S. Navy.

Jordan replies to Addams' letter about her trip to The Hague and asks if she would be available to visit on certain dates in August.
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