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Jacobs tells Addams that she will be in the United States in the spring and hopes to meet.

Jacobs wishes Addams a speedy recovery from illness and talks of the difference in reception in Washington at the International Council of Women meeting and the WILPF's International Congress of Women.

Jacobs thanks Addams for her aid during the International Congress of Women and at Hull-House.

Jacobs thanks Addams for her joyful visit to Hull-House and explains delays in publishing a translation of her memoir.

Jacobs thanks Addams for the photograph she sent and describes her recent health issues.

Jacobs sends Addams a calling card to introduce Jan Best and Anni Mulder von De Graaf for when she visits Java.

Jacobs sends Addams a calling card to introduce her to the von Hombracht-Jacobs who live in Java.

Jacobs advises Addams on the people she should meet and places she should visit in Sumatra and Java.

Jacobs tells Addams of her illness and peace activities in Holland.

Jacobs tells Addams about the IWSA conference and other news.

Jacobs sends Addams good wishes for her health.

Jacobs thanks Addams for sending her Peace and Bread in Time of War and praises her abilities.

Jacobs urges Addams to attend the Hague Conference and use her influence to help the situation in Europe.

Jacobs writes Addams in alarm over the news of her impending breast surgery.

A petition from the women of Holland asking women around the world to work to free prisoners of war in France and Russia.

Jacobs explains to Addams how a report got out that she disavowed Addams's report on the German trip and reports on her activities.

Karsten sends Addams the text of a cable from Jacobs and Manus pressing for a delay of the International Congress of Women.

Aletta and Manus vote for the peace conference to be held in May in Holland.

Jacobs asks Addams if the American delegates will be able to obtain passports for May.

Jacobs and Manus inform Addams that the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's office is nearly out of funds and that they have not received any of Addams's communications.

Jacobs and Manus ask Addams to send funds to the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace via cable.

Jacobs and Manus propose to hold a meeting in Amsterdam of neutral branches of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace because travel is impossible for members of warring countries. .

Jacobs and Manus criticize Addams for overstepping her role as president of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Jacobs and Manus update Addams on the results of a poll on holding a Congress After the War.

Jacobs and Manus ask Addams for her opinion about the peace plan proposed by Germany.

Jacobs and Manus tell Addams that the planned International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace meeting has been postponed.

Jacobs reports to Breckinridge about the money that they received.

Jacobs and Manus ask Addams for updates on decisions being made about the headquarters of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, and ask for updates of activities in the United States.

Manus and Jacobs strongly advise against Balch's proposal to hold a meeting of the International Women's Committee for Permanent Peace.
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