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Deknatel writes on Addams behalf, disputing an article which states that she is in favor of lynching African-Americans.

Deknatel informs King that Addams must decline an invitation to speak at a conference due to her busy schedule.

Deknatel writes to provide King a date on which Addams can lecture at Oberlin College.

Deknatel informs King that Addams will do all she can to do the lecture for Oberlin College.

Deknatel writes that Addams' recent appointment on the Chicago Board of Education makes it difficult for her to plan lectures.

Deknatel acknowledges that Addams received McCormick's invitation to serve on a committee and is happy to do so.

Deknatel writes to rearrange Addams' speaking date at Oberlin due to another speech in Titusville, PA.

Deknatel offers alternate speaking dates for Addams at Oberlin in March or April.

Deknatel writes that Addams has been working so hard for the Board of Education that she has been unable to take outside lectures, she will, if possible, make an exception for Rockford College.