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Bryan lays out six alternatives to war and urges readers to alert them to the President and their Congressmen.

A short note of introduction for Addams to the US Embassy in the Netherlands.

Bryan expresses to Addams the need for a referendum to involve the general public in the choice of declaring war in hopes that the Government will recognize peaceful alternatives.

Bryan informs Addams that he cannot attend the Woman's Peace Party emergency meeting in New York City, but will send a telegram to be read at the meeting.

Bryan sends some plans to Addams for the Woman's Peace Party should diplomatic relations break off and war looks more likely.

Bryan promises Addams that he will help the cause of peace in way he can.

Bryan discusses the preparedness movement and thanks Addams for protesting it, and asks about the commitment needed to join the Ford Peace Ship.
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Addams argues that international peace is not a failed idea, and even though World War One is in the early stages of fighting it is not to late to stop war from continuing. Bryan also claims that peace is possible with mediation.

Bryan introduces Addams to the US Embassy in the Netherlands for her trip to The Hague.