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Breckinridge tells Addams about the Conference on the Cause and Cure of War and the Child Labor amendment.

Addams and Breckinridge send Older a telegram defending Anna Whitney.

Breckinridge asks Addams for a donation for the Immigrants' Protective League.

Breckinridge sends $1,000 to the International Committee and promises to send $1,000 in the future.

Breckinridge tells Molander that though Addams is sorry for her situation. she cannot help her get to America.

Breckinridge sends Addams the Auditor's statement (not found) for the Woman's Peace Party.

Breckinridge informs Addams that she cannot attend a meeting in New York and gives her thoughts on the statement of principles.

Breckinridge is distressed over being absent from the work Addams is undertaking.

Addams requests that Catt does not begin preparing for war during the upcoming National American Woman Suffrage Association meeting as many women still hope it will not be declared.

The leaders of the different branches of the Woman's Peace Party contribute towards a letter stating why the President should call for a referendum vote on whether or not America should go to war.

Addams and Breckinridge praise Wilson for his January 22 speech on internationalism.

Breckinridge writes to discuss meeting plans for the Woman's Peace Party and Conference of American Representatives of Oppressed or Dependent Nationalities.

Breckinridge seeks Addams' advice about publishing is unsure of whether a flawed pamphlet should be issued by the Arts Committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Breckinridge sends Addams a confusing telegram from Emily Greene Balch.

Addams explains to Wilson that making preparations for war, while maintaining neutrality, would damage the United States' international reputation.
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Addams, Lucia Mead, Crystal Eastman, and Sophonisba Breckinridge testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, arguing against preparedness and suggesting ways to end the war.
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Addams, Lucy Mead, Crystal Eastman, and Sophonisba Breckinridge testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, on preparedness and the United States' role in World War I.

Breckinridge notes that Addams will consider the views sent by Hubbard.

Breckinridge responds for Addams to Leonard's inquiry about Trojan Women claiming that Addams believed it the "great peace document of all time."

The Provisional Committee on Emancipation Celebration invites Judson to a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation becoming effective.

Breckinridge informs Sharp that neither she nor Addams can help her with her survey, but suggests Dr. Charles R. Henderson.

Breckinridge seeks information about Etnah Rochon.

Breckinridge asks Addams's advice about some filling job positions and the 50th anniversary of emancipation.

Addams and others ask Brown for a donation to the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Breckinridge suggests some options to Hall, who is searching for a long lost aunt.