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Balch tells Addams that she has sent payment for the Greek delegates.

Balch tells Addams that the letter from Frederika Van Wulfften Palthe-Brose is not necessarily an official receipt.

Balch updates Addams on he travels in Africa and Eureop and discusses Vilma Glucklich's resignation.

Balch asks Addams for guidance on issues to be discussed at the upcoming WILPF Executive Committee meeting and discusses her travels in Europe.

Balch send Addams a letter she wrote a few days ago and hopes that her health has improved.

Balch tells Hughes the circumstance of her making an erroneous statement about Austrian war debts.

WILPF's Executive Committee plans its activities and staffing for 1922-1923.

Balch invites the members of the WILPF Executive Committee to a meeting in Frieburg.

Balch tells Swanwick that they have moved the location of the Summer School and discusses staffing plans at the WILPF to cover her six month rest.

Balch sends Addams a receipt for her payment for Maison International postcards.

Balch sends Glucklich a letter with bank details about sending American funds to the WILPF office.

Balch sends Addams her letter to Nathan Shiverick apologizing for the delay in making corrections.
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Balch tells Addams that they have moved the WILPF Summer School to Lugano due to political issues in Italy and updates Addams on her health.

Balch sends a notice regarding the WILPF Summer school to WILPF secretaries and includes quotes from former student in Germany.

Balch sends Addams some letters received in Geneva.

Balch tells Addams about donations for relief and WILPF's summer school.

Balch sends Harvey a draft letter (not found) and asks her opinion.

Balch warns Welsh that his comments about the WILPF are false and libelous. The letter was drafted on October 31 and may have been sent on November 9.

Balch sends Addams drafts of letters to Francis Welsh and Emily Harvey asking whether she should send them.

Balch sends a statement to the Associated Industries of New York to refute articles published that attacked the WILPF. A similar letter was sent to the Kentucky group.

Addams sends Balch a plan for helping fund French and German editions of the International Congress of Women's proceedings.

Addams and Balch tell WILPF friends that they have covered all expense of the International Congress of Women but could use some help covering the publication costs of the report.

Addams and Balch ask Lovett for financial help to cover the publication costs of the International Congress of Women proceedings.

Balch tells Johnson that her speech claiming that the WILPF opposed displaying the American flag was incorrect.

Balch tells Lewis that the attacks on the WILPF made by the Women's Oversea Service League are incorrect and send her a statement (not found) about it.

Balch tells Dunn that the Veterans of Foreign Wars attacks on the WILPF were based on misinformation.

Balch tells Powell that the American Legion's attacks on the patriotism of the WILPF are misinformed.

Balch sends Howard information defending the WILPF and thanks him for his New Republic articles.

Balch sends Knapp information refuting the criticism that the Women's Overseas League has laid against the WILPF.
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