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Addams confides in Kelley the story behind the hurried marriage of Esther Linn and Charles Hulbert.

Addams apologizes to Denison for being too busy to visit but promising to try later in the summer.

Addams writes Smith about upcoming events at Rockford College.

Addams discusses expansions to Hull-House and donations, and then reports on a visit to Smith's family.

Addams writes to Kelley about John Kelley's visit to Hull-House and work done to publish portions of her manuscript.

Darrow writes to Addams about the defense of Abraham Isaak, Julia Mechanic, and other Chicago anarchists in relation to the assassination of President William McKinley.

Addams reports that the strike was the topic of her latest speaking tour, and looks forward to Landsberg's recovery from illness.

Bowen provides estimated costs for heating and lighting Hull-House.

Addams remarks on her neglect in thanking her Washington hostess, sends Ellen Gates Starr's book and comments on the engagement of Rose Pastor and J. G. Phelps Stokes.

Addams writes Smith about her trip to New Orleans, visiting settlements, and the Sophie Newcomb College, and attending the Methodist Mission Conference.

Addams writes Smith about her travels.

Addams reports on events in New Orleans at the Methodist Missionary Conference, including attending a talk by Booker T. Washington. She also writes about changes in her travel plans and how she wishes that Smith was with her.

Addams writes Smith about her lecture in Madison, Wisconsin, a trip to Springfield, Illinois, where she met the governor, a property purchase, and her trip to New Orleans.
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Addam's notes for a tribute to Alzina Parsons Stevens, the president of Hull-House's Woman's Club.

Riis writes Addams about a celebration where neighbors and friends gathered and offers news about the Kings Daughters Settlement.

Harrison thanks Addams for her hospitality during his visit to Hull-House and remarks upon his behavior and the character of the settlement.

Addams provides Sax contact information for J. Weintraub in New York and discusses her recent lecture in Iowa.