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Kellogg thanks Addams for her letter and suggests that Ralph Winstead help Alexander Bing with an article for The Survey.

Barnett sends Addams a letter of introduction for Harold Spender and reports on the International Conference of Settlements.

Levinson sends Lloyd copies of Outlawry of War pamphlet for Addams.

Anderson thanks Addams for sending Peace and Bread in Time of War, praising its content.

Lloyd forwards Levibnson a letter for Addams and asks for copies of The Outlawry of War.

Addams tells Fouts that candidates for a job at Hull-House need to have both sewing and dressmaking skills, but invites her to see if another position would work.

Watson-Schütze tells Addams about relief efforts for artists in Austria.

Elliott thanks Addams for sending Peace and Bread in Time of War and praises her work.

Beaver thanks Addams for Peace and Bread in Time of War and hopes to visit her at Hull-House soon.

Thomas updates Addams on problems with organizing relief for the Russian Famine.