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Addams informs Huntoon that she cannot appear at an event in Akron due to her health.

A quote attacking the role of intellectuals in World War I.

Addams writes to Linn about hearing from John and Stanley Linn.

Addams asks Coolidge to continue supporting the Hull-house Fresh Air Fund for children.

Poole thanks Addams for sending him her notes and describes his plans for creating a pamphlet with the Foreign Press Bureau and the Food Service.

Karsten regretfully informs DeForest that Addams is unable to accept his invitation.

Karsten explains to DeForest that Addams had already left for Colorado before his lunch invitation reached Chicago.

Wald discuss news of the Russian Civil War with Addams.
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Addams discusses the the Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War using Tolstoy's theories, and argues that Russia represents an effort to end rather than start wars.
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Addams discusses the the Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War using Tolstoy's theories, and argues that Russia represents an effort to end rather than start wars.

Hoover thanks Addams for her pamphlet and reports on her husband's activities in Europe.

Dudley updates Addams on some of their friends and talks about democracy and Tolstoy.

Addams tells Stokes that she cannot leave Chicago to attend the National Civil Liberties Bureau meeting in Washington.

Cole thanks Addams for letting him know that John Addams Linn was killed in World War I.

Addams suggests that the Woman's Peace Party's International Committee of Thirty Five hold a meeting in December.

Addams discusses the rationale for the International Congress of Women regarding the peace settlement.

Addams discusses Theodore Roosevelt's impact on social work in a memorial article for The Survey.
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Addams argues for post war relief and the establishment of the League of Nations and other international organizations to help guarantee the peace. The speech was given at the University Auditorium as part of the Farmer's Week celebration.
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Addams added additional text to her published Theodore Roosevelt tribute for public memorial in Chicago.
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Addams addresses the Great Lakes Congress of the League to Enforce Peace, arguing for the importance of international cooperation after the war. The meeting was held in Chicago.
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Addams' address to the American Women's Victory Dinner uses the end of the war to urge for greater international collaboration to ensure food supplies. The speech was given at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.

An excerpt from Addams' book The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets. Addams explains how the mundane life of factory work on a young worker pushes them towards vices.

The Comité protests the exclusion of Germany from the League of Nations and protests the Versailles Treaty as unfair and seeks to replace it with one designed to keep the peace.

The Swiss Red Cross reports on the deaths of children in the City Children's Asylum and White Cross Hospitals in Budapest.