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Addams, speaking at Schenley High School, described the differing motivations of the wealthy and the poor when it comes to disarmament.

The Chicago Tribune retracts a statement it published based on Addams's claim that she was misquoted.

Ingham tells Addams about the mass resignation of office staff working on the International Congress of Women due to their inability to work Amy Woods and others.

Popenoe thanks Addams for letting them broadcast her speech on the radio.

Borah tells Addams that he would like to speak at the International Congress of Women but cannot give a definite answer because of the Senate situation.

Dulles explores the implications of the World War I reparations on the world's economy. The speech was initially delivered at the League of Free Nations Association on March 12, 1931 in New York and then published in the New Republic.

Addams thanks Lovett for her note and tells her that she has sent a few telegrams.

Smith sends Addams a German translation and apologizes for missing a few words.

Davies tells Addams that the Field Museum would like to display some objects lent from Hull-House.

Addams tells Lovett about her speaking engagements and her health.

Kawai tells Addams about the Japanese delegates to the International Congress of Women.