Ellery Sedgwick Papers


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Documents in this collection


Addams declines Sedgwick's invitation to write an article on the Salvation Army for one of his magazines.

Addams tells Sedgwick that she has completed two articles which were previously unfinished, and asks to be informed of his decision regarding their printing within two weeks.

Addams agrees to Sedgwick's proposed cuts to her "Devil Baby at Hull-House" article.

Addams apologizes to Sedgwick for mentioning the Devil Baby story in The Long Road of Woman's Memory which might be published before the full article is published in The Atlantic Monthly.

Addams thanks Sedgwick for publishing an article later in the year. Addams will write an article for The Atlantic later this year, either on Americanism or another topic that may be more relevant.

Addams sends Sedgwick revisions to "The Devil Baby," her article for The Atlantic Monthly.

Addams agrees with Sedgwick that the names of the authors does not need to be included with the article. Addams has also asked Balch to take on communications with Sedgwick.

Addams informs Sedgwick that he may use her article in any way he pleases.

Addams writes to Sedgwick explaining her reluctance to write an article on women's vote at the moment.

Addams sends her "Patriotism and Pacifism" speech to Sedgwick for consideration in The Atlantic Monthly.

Addams asks Sedgwick to contact her publisher and relates some subjects which she may be interested in writing about.

Addams explains the purpose of an enclosed pamphlet to Sedgwick.

Addams critiques the prioritization of commerce over charity and describes the work of the United States Food Administration. Addams also describes her concern for food insecurity and the importance American farmers have in feeding the world. Addams…

Addams thanks Sedgwick for sending her a book and remarks about an article which might further inform him on Russia.

Addams apologizes to Sedgwick for misinterpreting his request regarding Henrietta Barnett's book.

Addams writes Sedgwick about Archibald Bowen's article on psychiatric care in Illinois.